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Get To Know Dr. Juan Francisco Hidalgo

We are based in Puerto Vallarta Jalisco Mexico. Dr. Hidalgo is Puerto Vallarta's leading bariatric surgeons and is a specialist in gastroenterology. He is also one of the leaders in the field of weight loss surgery in Mexico. Dr. Juan Francisco Hidalgo has performed thousands of bariatric surgeries on patients from all over the world. He operated out of one of Puerto Vallarta's finest hospitals, the CMQ Premiere Hospital, which specializes in Medical Tourism. This fully equipped hospital is one of the very best hospitals for weight loss surgery in Mexico. Dr. Hidalgo and his staff are fluent in English and in Spanish so you will have no communication problems during your medical vacation.

Why Travel Abroad For Your Surgery

Pricing for Bariatric Surgery in the UK is very expensive, and obesity within the UK is soaring to an all time high. With this in mind, Dr. Hidalgo and his practice at Weight Loss Team are trying to make it easier for citizens of the UK to have their weight loss surgery at affordable pricing. Due the the value of the Mexican Peso against the pound, as well as a strategic relationship with one of Puerto Vallarta's leading hospitals, and the sheer number of surgeries that Dr. Hidalgo performs, Dr. Hidalgo is able to offer the best possible price for your surgery, while still providing the very best care in Mexico. All of the medical supplies come directly from the manufacturer in the United States.

Best Value, Safety & Post op Care

Dr. Hidalgo does no more than 4 surgeries in any given day allowing each patient to receive the best possible attention and care while in Puerto Vallarta. He also visits the patients at the hotel postop to ensure their recovery is going smoothly and to remove staples prior to the patients departure. When the patient goes home 2 years of post op follow-up is included with every surgery package.

Best Price

Dr. Juan Francisco Hidalgo has a strategic relationship with the CMQ Premeire hospital in Puerto Vallarta designed to help promote medical tourism. Due to the sheer number of patients and surgeries performed, Dr. Hidalgo also is able to secure the best wholesale pricing on the medical supplies used for each procedure, and he then passes those savings onto the patient. Typically Dr. Hidalgo is performing on average between 25-40 surgeries a month.

Best Hotels

When you are taking a medical tourism vacation, the one key factor apart from the quality of care and ability of the doctor is the hotel and vacation portion of the vacation. We use only the best hotels in Puerto Vallarta. Currently we are using the Sunset Plaza Resort, a Tripadvisor top 5 hotel for the city. This 5 star hotel provides the utmost care and confort for our patients and it sits on the beach where every room has an ocean view making recovery delightfully pleasant. The butler service available to all guests also help our patients fill any special needs they may have and the hotel is always in contact with Dr. Hidalgo when a patient needs something in particular.

Non Stop Flights

Thomson Air flies nonstop week long charter flights directly from London Gatwick and Manchester to Puerto Vallarta. These are the best priced and most direct flights to Puerto Vallarta and they will get you here in about 12 hours. When Thomson is not flying, American, United, Delta and Aeromexico have direct flights through the USA which may cost a little bit more than the nonstop Thomson flight but also can be an option if Thomson is not flying the route for the days you need or want to travel. Either way, we will pick you up at the airport in Puerto Vallarta, take you to the hotel, and then on the day of surgery bring you to the hospital for your surgery. When you are discharged we will take you back to the hotel and finally the airport on your day of departure.


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